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#a126 :: Astrojax

June 19, 2008

ENLARGEWhen you play with Astrojax correctly, prescription its three torusoid balls, here each mounted with a different colored LED, whip around in concentric, flickering orbits.

The red and green ones anchor either end of a 3-foot-long nylon string, and the yellow ball slides up and down the string, exchanging weight, mass and inertia with the ball riding at the free end.

From five feet away, the juggling appears like magic – a dance of conjurer’s fireflies.

If you play with Astrojax incorrectly, their cacophonous, clattering failure to spin marks you as an utter dork.

From five feet away, you look like nothing more than an utter dork jerking balls at the end of a string.

Astrojax’s utter perfection as an instrument of pointless skill that fits in your pocket and looks showy from a distance make them some of my most dearly beloved heavy little objects. Brilliant fun.

Wikipedia says they were invented in 1987 by physicist Larry Shaw.

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