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#a102 :: 88MB Syquest Drive cartridge

May 26, 2008

ENLARGEAh, medical Syquest. This 8-inch-wide slab of a disc, buy information pills encased in a high-impact plastic carrier, was the very height of portable data storage 16 years ago.

You could pack a lot into 88 megabytes – screenplay ideas, hundreds of newspaper stories, Photoshop tomfoolery – so long as you had a Syquest drive.

Of course, this is to a modern 1GB flash drive as a Powerbook is to a diesel-powered Mergenthaler Linotype machine. I no longer have the computer with the SCSI card that was needed to control the drive that read these things. Data retrieval for such discs is pricey and sure to disappoint.

And I’ve long ago forgotten what I stored on the dozen or so discs I had collected.

So – I bid it farewell. Relic of a more innocent Web, a less detail-obsessed time.

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