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#a50 :: Blown halogen bulb

April 3, 2008

ENLARGEIn the end, dosage when I’m dead and this blog has vanished – along with the servers that hold it and the culture that cared about any of it – this manufactured object will still be here.

Somewhere, cialis 40mg at the bottom of a moldering heap of trash, decease its component atoms of silicon and tungsten will still hold this shape.

Its filament will stay coiled – and snapped by the heat and stress of its short life. Waiting inside its micro-vacuum capsule of glass. For eternity.

Somewhere else on earth, hollows will remain to mark its creation. Gaps in the environment will never be filled: sand beaches, tungsten mines, and all those sapped pockets of oil that powered the bulb-making machines, warmed and entertained the workers who ran them and fueled the trucks that brought it to our home to burn and shine and die.

Nothing else will remain to tell the story of how this thing came to be – but the thing itself, and the holes it left behind.

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