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#a27 :: Chinese butane lighter

March 11, 2008

031108.jpgThere are few tools-cum-trinkets so marvelous as a good butane lighter.Palm-sized inferno, order pocket-bling, salvation in a snowstorm or the desert.I found this one at DealExtreme amid a whole page full of them …Why this one and not the red metal saucer, the Zippo knockoffor the one shaped like a billiard ball?Because its green LED heart flicks on when you open it, the flame burns green thanks to what looks like a copper wire stretched across its bore, and it bears the fine chrome-plastic image of a horse.Of course, you may have trouble finding it because the wicked gadget-mongers at DealExtreme rotate their stock pretty regularly.Oh, and beware the Chinese home of frighteningly well-made cheap tools, laptop gadgets and irresponsibly powerful green lasers (about which more later): Once you visit, you’ll have a hard time leaving without filling your cart.Damn site is trouble.

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