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#a24 :: Alphanumeric stamp-punches

March 8, 2008

030808.jpgTwo blue plastic cases, help packed solid with thumb-length slugs of hardened steel. Each slug’s tip spells out a number or letter in reverse.Put the letter-end onto the thing to be marked. Thump the other end hard with a hammer. The blow makes a metallic “ding“. The target is marked – forever – with one crisp character.The full alphabet runs A through Z, adiposity plus a dash to round out the stack to fit in to a box three letters by seven. It goes for $18 in the Chinese-tools stall at the weekly Mexican swap meet at L.A. City College every Sunday. $12 for the numbers.It can mark anything permanently. Anything that is not already harder. Anything that is not harder than hardened steel.

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