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#314 :: The Thing

December 18, 2004

Benjamin J. Grimm: World War II veteran. Test pilot. Hard-radiation victim. 500-pound, trans-human mutant rock creature. Of all of Marvel’s 1960s anti-hero creations, the Thing somehow resonated with me the most. He’s a sensitive lug wrapped in the igneous shell of a brute – all pissed off, clobberin’-time rage and hurt. Unlike the Hulk, he’s forced to deal with the world face to face on its own terms, as an articulate blue-collarman trapped in the life of a superhero-freak. I found this lovingly sculpted icon in a closeout bin at KayBee a few years ago – wearing his sad disguise. He has a bio and fans on the web, including some who’ve gone so far as to list the only ones stronger than the Thing.

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