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#293 :: Pokemon Toy

November 28, 2004

My complete ignorance of Kanji leaves me mystified about the purpose and “function” of this toy in Pokemon mythology. Its plastic clamshell houses a little plastic maze with a tiny steel ball. Its structural genes and coloration sprang from the loins of the Star Trek communicator and the waterproof Walkman. But what does it do in the feverish world of Pokemon? A quick buzz through the website yielded no clues, and the only English words on the box it came in were “Not for sale outside Japan” and the ingredients and nutritional data for the little fizzy candy tablet inside. Maybe it’s a navigational device, a microcosm monster-battle controller, a talisman against the boredom of spare time between Pokematches. Flip it open, squint at the maze, move the metal ball around and around and around. It’s just a toy.

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