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#230 :: Folding Ruler

September 26, 2004

I’ve had this for years. It came out of one of those “hip” tchotchke shops that sprang up in the mid-late 80s, the ones with tattooed young proprietresses in vintage lorgnettes and Bettie Page-black hairdos and 30-hole Docs and poodle skirts, the ones that sold boxing nuns and wind-up spark-spitting Godzillas and milagros and Dia de los Muertos figurines. You’d sort of shuffle from one end of these stores to the other, your eyes precisely 34 inches from the cornucopiac wall of weird, delightful things, thinking, “God, I’ll never be as cool as these people, maybe if I buy something cool I can try …” And being a poor freelancer boho at the time, I could never conscion buying anything that wasn’t practical. Thus, this elegant little anodized aluminum folding ruler. Having escaped my 20s and never really achieving that coolness, I kept acquiring neat little objets, and the stores became common as Starbucks in some neighborhoods. But I use the ruler at least once or twice a week, if not to measure something, then to fiddle, folding and unfolding it with one hand in a vain attempt to clear my cluttered thoughts.

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  1. dcb September 27, 2004 @ 11:28 am

    deja vu? objet 22 c’est pareil, non?

  2. mack September 27, 2004 @ 11:35 am

    M E R D E !

    I had this sneaking suspicion I’d blogged this one before, but for some reason didn’t find it in a cursory site search.

    It’s not as though I’m so addled and sleep-deprived that they’re all blending together but … they’re all blending together. Maybe I’ll do 2 tonight, in penance.