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#164 :: Ivory fetish

July 23, 2004

Joe Reed painted – among a great many other things – insects onto tiny chunks of ivory. To my knowledge, he painted only a few things on ivory that were not insects. This piece measures about 1″x3/4″xx5/16″. The artist paved two faces of it with machinery – tiny flywheels, cogs, steam condensors and indicators. The top and two other long sides are blank, and the bottom is covered with tiny, carved teeth – six rows by five of them. One of the most exquisite tiny things Reed ever painted, its purpose – as originally made, and as modified by the artist – remains a mystery.

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  1. Daddy July 29, 2004 @ 4:07 am

    I remember everything but the teeth and, of course, why I did it, Love, Daddy