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#a427 :: Refrigerator shelf shard

April 19, 2009

041809To someone who uses knives as much as I do, this site this thing is about as useful as Truck Balls.

You press it against the side of a sealed CD or DVD, depressing a spring-loaded cap to reveal a tiny steel blade that slices open the shrink-wrap.

They were giving them away today at Amoeba for National Record Store Week – something I didn’t really discover until I got home to unpack my goodie bag. Had I known, I probably would have politely declined, and let someone else enjoy it.Mbr Now I can either keep it around, adding to the household clutter, or huck it since the metal makes it unrecyclable.

Do people ever think about the amount of material they’re pumping into landfills and the atmosphere by manufacturing this kind of object?
041909What happens when your son has parked a big bottle of water precariously on the top shelf of an open refrigerator door and you unwittingly shut the door, ed causing it to plunge to the bottom and snap the shelf straight out of the fridge?

You hunt through the shattered plastic shards looking for the serial number so you can order a new one.

Children are agents of entropy.

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  1. dansdata April 20, 2009 @ 11:11 am

    We’ve got a cat who’s like that. Lulu’s mission in life is to find all things that’re on another thing, and knock them off. Eventually everything in the world will be in a gravitational ground state, and she will be able to rest.

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