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#a393 :: Used car key

March 15, 2009

031409In all my years on this blog, more about mind I’ve never unpacked the symbology of a key.

It’s almost so perfect a metaphor on its own, that trying to explain a key pretty much dooms you to being accused of mental masturbation.

But a car key is profound. It represents a heavy, expensive and rather large member of the family that lives in mostly silent service – a portable id, a means of self-projection from one existence to another – rarely complaining and seldom causing trouble on its own.

And that’s about as far as I’ll drag you down that rabbit hole.

My wife’s old Volvo S70 served us faithfully and well for 7 years, but with 104,000+ miles and a bad case of accelerating decrepitude, its time had come to an end.

Yesterday, we went out and bought a newer used Volvo – a tight, gorgeous bottom-of-the-line S40 with only 10,572 miles on it for more than a third off original sticker).

And there it sits, in the garage’s place of honor, while the old one sits on the street awaiting its fate.

Which as much as anything – and better than anything I could say – explains this meaning of this key.

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