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#a387 :: Pinballs

March 9, 2009

0309091Thanks to my dear longtime friend, buy more about former college classmate and co-conspirator John, I am now in possession of ten of the coolest, most perfect HLOs known to the art of manufacturing.

Back in college, John and I poured an absurd amount of time (and hard-earned library wages) into pinball machines.

There may have been other pinball tables worth a damn, but the only one that stuck in my head is the formidable Black Knight.

Two stories deep, tricked out with multi-ball and all the gnarly medieval graphics their Frazetta-wannabe art department could muster, the Black Knight table was also the launch platform for the greatest pinball innovation of all time:
the wickedly cool Magna-Save button – when engaged – sucked your missed flips back from doom in the drains via giant electromagnets buried beneath the table surface, allowing you to keep your balls in play.

So to speak.

Double entendres aside, pinballs really are a sensual pleasure – heavy, slick and magnetic.

Glossy chrome reflects the lights around them, and they warm in your pocket, and feel good in your fingers. You can see why Queeg loved them.

You can also imagine the havoc you could wreak with a pouchful of them and one of these.

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  1. John Amussen March 10, 2009 @ 9:05 pm

    Well, I don’t remember the pinball so well – I was lousy at it, plus I was busy saving the planet from nuclear annihilation…

  2. mack reed March 10, 2009 @ 9:13 pm

    Oh,my god, do I have the vintage-audio site for you

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