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#a381 :: Flexplay DVD

March 3, 2009

0303091This is one of those freaks of science that will have completely obsolesced within 10 years.

I weep at the sheer volume and depth of technological experimentation and collaboration that culminated in its manufacture – all of it doomed to the landfill and a fascinating footnote in Wikipedia because of FlexPlay‘s very wizardry:

A Flexplay disc is shipped in a vacuum-sealed package. There is a clear dye inside the disc, viagra approved link contained within the bonding resin of the disc, which reacts with oxygen. When the seal is broken on the vacuum-packed disc, the layer changes from clear to black in about 48 hours, rendering the disc unplayable. If unopened, the shelf life of the sealed package is said to be “about a year.” The DVD plastic also has a red dye in it, which prevents penetration of the disc by blue lasers, which would go straight through the oxygen-reactive dye.

You can get some pretty decent movies in this format for like a buck-99 at Staples – provided you’re willing to accept the responsibility for recycling the damn thing, or the guilt from just hucking it into the trash.

We stopped halfway through “The Kite Runner” this evening since it was getting late.

Hope we get to see the rest of it tomorrow night – before the disk goes the hyperaccelerated way of all flesh.

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