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#a369 :: Lucky lead pig

February 19, 2009

021909Once upon a time, stomach more about his paint was perfect.

You can see it on his good side – the bright and chipper eye facing the lucky shamrock dangling from his left jowls – that look that says fortune will smile on us both if you keep me close.

Flip to the other side – the stem of the shamrock – and age has turned him grim.

Chipped paint has flaked away from his face, left him with a patina of jaundice, decay and despair.

He’s sat overseeing my family’s kitchen for decades of happy parties, warm dinners, humdrum suppers and lonely midnight snacks. He’s seen three or four generations of scotties come and go. Watched my brother and sister and me grow up, squabble, chuckle, despair, rave and joke, waited quietly while we went off to school and then work and life beyond the kitchen, and return home there again and again.

And my dad was kind enough to dethrone the little feller long enough to ship him to me to be duly added to this rambling catalog of obsession.

Tomorrow, I’ll ship him back so he can return to his rightful place. And continue his vigil of bemused decay.

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