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#a361 :: China napkin rings

February 10, 2009

021009Around our house, order ailment I make dinner one of two ways:

  1. Crank something out in a hurry on the stove, approved slap it down in front of the kids and hope they don’t moan or spill all over their clothes as they forget to use their utensils;
  2. Or grill something big and munchy (think ribs or sesame-garlic chicken with corn on the cob) on the barbecue, hand out plastic utensils and grab a beer.

But somewhere in the world, people are bunching up their good linen napkins in lovely napkin rings for fear of – what, I don’t know – having their napkins look unceremonious.

I appreciate the culture of a good table setting. On our trip to London last summer, we got to tour Windsor Castle’s grand ballroom, where HM the Queen had ordered a state dinner prepared for 150. Picture that in gold dining utensils set aside 150 bone china plates on gold-plated chargers, each with little LED floodlights illuminating a hand-calligraphed nametag beneath this ceiling and you begin to get the picture.

These rings (a loan from Dad) are part of the same Culture of Preciousness, about which I have bloviated a bit in the past.

Precious. When you somehow need to feel special by making your guests feel special.

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