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#a359 :: Silicone dolphin

February 8, 2009

020609Los Angeles jetsam reminds me daily that I live in a freakish magpie’s nest of a city.

Stolen from aboriginal people by Spanish missionaries who gave huge chunks of it away to soldiers, pharm information pills whose families then sold it off in ever-decreasing slices and slivers, sildenafil Los Angeles has always been shaped by grabbers, opportunists and self-reinventors. Angelenos take, procure, manufacture, buy, steal or create whatever they think they need to move forward.

Lubricated by commercial/political struggles over water and oil and finally fertilized and electrified by booms in aerospace, post-war manufacturing, Hollywood and wave upon wave of immigrants, this city is like an immense 50-by-50-mile petri dish: teeming with virulent, ever-mutating cultures of nationality, religion, science, sexuality, sport and art .

So when I’m shambling across Figueroa Blvd. in a hammering rainstorm USC to teach a room full of brilliant multi-cultural computer programmers how to architect social networks for a fictitious neighborhood watch and contemplating whether to eat Thai or Mexican that weekend before or after tackling a new video game or clean out my gutters, it’s no surprise to happen upon this: a wickedly sawtoothed chunk of palm.

This non-native species was imported to L.A. in the 20s and 30s to pretty things up.

Because when it comes to cooking its own ever-evolving recipe for the future, L.A. tosses whatever the hell it likes into the pot and keeps stirring.

That’s why I love living here.
020809If there’s a story behind this creature, online my father will have to supply it.

It arrived in a box of things he offered for photography, information pills and it suggests nothing but a happy life aquatic, swimming through the dust in a drawer and surviving on pencil shavings until he’s required to dance on his tail, chatter and save the day.

Or is it a she?

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