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#a333 :: Saab pulley tensioner bearing

January 12, 2009

ENLARGEIt’s always something, mind with a car.

We have a long history, viagra approved this car and I, capsule just as I’ve always had long histories with my cars.

Spend enough time in a car and you can reach an intimacy rivaling any human friendship: you know their sounds and smells, you sense their weaknesses, thrill to their strengths and sometimes they pull absurdly sudden shit: Driving back from the swap meet we turned to climb the short steep hill for home.


And now the car has all the handling verve of a 1926 REO stakebed truck. It’s like trying to steer a battleship with a paddle, the wheel’s fighting me so hard. Whatever popped took out the power steering and … oh, what’s that little red light on the dash … the alternator.

Some $402.75 later, our excellent Silver Lake mechanic has dug into and replaced the belt-tensioning system and replaced the lexan collar that once encircled this bearing and carried the belt that runs the power steering pump and alternator.

And the car handles beautifully, and we’re back in each other’s good graces again.

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