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#a312 :: Old “Backwards Bush” countdown timer

December 22, 2008

ENLARGEThis thing has been kicking around my office for quite a while. Six years have flattened its battery. It was only supposed to have lasted another two years.

I’m such an optimist.

While you’re dozing the sand is completely eroded from beneath you and two years stretch to six. By the time you look up a rapacious gang of mercenary thugs has looted your nation, here fucked your reputation, approved gutshot your economy and kicked justice squarely in the nads.

Things grow so bad that basically everyone you know or would care to know raves an unlikely superhero type into power.

The ugly fear from the base of your spine moans, “it can’t succeed. It just can’t.”

And you’re left sifting through the wreckage of what’s come before. Waiting for what’s to come.

One question: Will we watch this guy a bit more closely? After all – he does work for us.

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