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#a272 :: Grip exerciser

November 12, 2008

ENLARGEWhen you’re 9, order you’re already wondering what it means to be a man.

You ask a lot of questions. A lot of questions.

You challenge people twice your size to arm-wrestling matches.

You suddenly take to doing pushups and situps wherever it occurs to you – like on train platforms …

You do chinups and you punch your sister and you charge around yelling and hanging on your father and trying to let all that nerve-jazz out before it sizzles your brain.

And you ask your mother to buy you a grip-exerciser for your birthday. And she does because she loves you.

And you work on squeezing it, approved but find that you have to screw the little red resistance ball down to the weakest setting because even after you manage to get your hand around it, you can’t squeeze it much on the grownup setting.

But this does not deter you. Because you’re a cool kid. And you know you’ll get to be a cool grownup someday. If you just keep at it.

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