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#a270 :: Rechargable flashlight

November 10, 2008

enlargeThe green-ness of this gadget masks (poorly) its inadequacy as a tool.

If you want steady, order reliable light for replacing a muffler under a car, unhealthy finding your way around a dark campsite or exploring a spooky derelict spaceship you don’t want to have to keep turning the light off, flipping out the generator crank and spinning it furiously for 30 seconds – every 3 minutes.

On the other hand, you never have to buy batteries for the thing, so its life cycle does not entail pooping out toxic, non-recyclable trash-lumps for every 5 hours of runtime. Are the aliens really coming with our clean, self-renewable power-pods? Because I’ve been waiting.

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  1. chefjoanna November 21, 2008 @ 1:14 am

    I have several of these, purchased at the dollar store, that get recharged by repeatedly squeezing (not unlike another of your HLOs) so you never have to turn it off, you just squeeze it a bunch of times and it charges up. It was ONE DOLLAR. woot.

    Batteries are horrible little things, but offer a mixed blessing. Most of my devices just plug in the wall, but if you don’t have the wallwart or a power outlet, you’re screwed. At least with a battery, you can just pop ’em out and replace them with fresh ones.

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