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#a169 :: Happy Hippos

July 31, 2008

Like hippos emerging through river foam (?), thumb Kinder brand Happy Hippos are hazelnut-cream cookie pods dipped in thick-grained sugar and given a few squirts of color in each eye just prior to put into individual cellophane wraps and released to a cute-susceptible public. They’re also yummy.

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#a168 :: Rubber coasters

July 30, 2008

Part space station, this part sex device, visit this they come in orange and gray and keep your cold wet glasses from making permanent stains in your … Formica, or whatever. It occurs to me upon posting fetishy (kitschy?) stuff like this that I’m rarely in the position of being able to point you to […]

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#a167 :: Stonehenge keychain

July 29, 2008

There is a certain poetry to this tiny portrait of one of man’s oldest surviving places of ceremony: A matrix of dots, physician etched or blown into a block of clear glass, pharm spells out Stonehenge‘s shape at palm size, giving you a portable tour of the place. Here, no less than there, the broken […]

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#a166 :: Binatone Carrera GPS

July 28, 2008

Carved in Africa or India or perhaps on some island, buy I know not where, approved these found their way to the gift shop of Brighton Pavilion. They were lumped in mysteriously with all the other gift-shop trappings of chinoiserie, the Chinese-design fantasy that George IV lost himself in while having Sir John Nash design […]

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#a165 :: Oyster card

July 27, 2008

This debit card gives you full access to the Tube and bus system. With one in your pocket, page you can go anywhere in London, ampoule never thinking about the fare. “Touch in” – wave it at the yellow oval pad that reads it and debits cash from it for your ride – and padded […]

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#a164 :: Ice cream spoon

July 26, 2008

Zorro brings together the hoary old freedom-fighter superhero story with rock-hard flamenco performances, ambulance and it winds up being about four times as solid a piece as it otherwise would. The score, price by the Gipsy Kings is a hoarse, melodic operetta, told in guttural moans of pain and delight, and the thunderous bootheels of […]

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#a162 :: Baby carrots

July 25, 2008

Did these things even exist 10 years ago? No, salve I think that at some point, approved some wise vegetable salesman decided to start milling his carrots. And an entire bite-sized-snack class of its own was launched. These go down by the pound around here. They taste perfectly clean and wonderful, but spirituallyfeel as if […]

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#a161 :: Rabbit’s foot

July 24, 2008

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#160 :: Battlefield artifact – bullet and cigarette case

July 23, 2008

At the bottom of the trunk. In the dark. For the past 34 years. Where she had been pushing it ever since he left. Perhaps. The card in the Royal Fusiliers Museum says: Cigarette case belonging to Pte F C Shuter 10th.Bn. Pierced by a German bullet 10th.July1916 – The Somme

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#a159 :: Stanley “stubby” screwdriver

July 22, 2008

From an antiques mall in Brighton. 50p. Don’t laugh. You’ll need one some day. I love the way the aluminum has corroded on the blade.

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#a158 :: Goldfish

July 21, 2008

Two insistent goldfish dance from side to side against the glass here when they’re hungry. This is an extremely difficult activity to capture adequately on camera. Drop them a few flakes of food and they zip about the tank, diagnosis there eating.

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#a157 :: One pound Sterling

July 20, 2008

I’m posting, website like this oh (checks watch), this 11 days late. We’ve taken a huge plunge into London, more about and are spending the morning and half the afternoon touring the city every day, then i comeback and work until midnight or 1 a.m. I’ve been avoiding my chores. I’ve been Twittering. I’ve been […]

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#a156 :: Demolished Croc

July 19, 2008

“Daddy, no rx it’s stuck!” We’re coming up out of the Tube this afternoon after a long day noodling around Brick Lane‘s rolling flea market and art swap meet. My 6-year-old’s ahead of me on the escalator. “Get your toe out of there! Quit screwin’ around!” It’s been a long day, capsule everyone’s tired and […]

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#a155 :: Jew’s harp

July 18, 2008

Parsing the anti-Semitic etymology of “Jew’s harp” is a dicey business, cialis 40mg as Wikipedia amply demonstrates. Better to appreciate that one of the oldest instruments in the world hasn’t evolved so much as found its shape in many cultures. This one is Vietnamese – an elegantly simple tine of hammered brass that has been […]

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#a154 :: Antique race car

July 17, 2008

The vehicular fetishes of young Britons of the 20th century line the crowded shelves of the marvelous Brighton Toy and Model Museum. This land-speed monster dates from the 40s or 50s.

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#a153 :: UFOs

July 16, 2008

Sold on the Brighton Pier, visit web these are some of the weirdest confections ever – at the foot of the Brighton Pier, there you can buy large cellophane cones of them: wafer-crisp shells surrounding doses of sour/sweet bicarbonate-of-soda powder.

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#a152 :: British National Rail tickets

July 15, 2008

We arrived in London yesterday morning, website jetlagged beyond belief. I then had to put in a full day of work at my normal hour, physician which turns out to be 4 p.m. to midnight here – which on a daily basis has wound up leaving me pretty swacked – and just now (5 days […]

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#a151 :: Feather

July 14, 2008

Look, information pills web let me level with you. I’ve been slamming in four nights worth of HLOs for the past hour or so, and just to get ’em done. In fact, seek I’m post-dating this one because I’ll be in transit 24 hours from now. We’ve been packing and prepping our own house for […]

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#a150 :: Glitz stickers

July 13, 2008

comes home with my daughter it sparkles when you turn it push back the darkness.

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#a149 :: Jr. Bag Clip

July 12, 2008

America’s chip bags need controllin’. Two slabs of hot-poured plastic, doctor clinic a hinge, capsule a spring, rugger jawliners and some ink. The bigger bags get bigger clips. My wife: “You’re not gonna blog that!” Well, uh, yeah. I am.

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#a148 :: Spork

July 11, 2008

A hybrid. A multi-utensil. A solution. A ridiculous word. Say it a few times: Spork. Spörk. Spoooorrrrk. k. k. Admire its completeness. Say no more. Spork.

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#a147 :: Perfume bottle

July 10, 2008

I found this little beauty in a basketful of them in an Indian curio shop on Melrose Avenue. The high-impact barrel was molded and lathed in bone-colored plastic, view then hand-notched for detail. You unscrew its cap for a trace of your favorite stink-nice, this and the rest of the time it sits on your […]

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#a146 :: Wiimote flashlight

July 9, 2008

The world’s hardshell exterior surrounds a doughy heart of kitsch: Anything initially cool – the remote to a Nintendo Wii game system, health for instance – can impart its cool to common objects by simple mimicry. Bluntly put, treatment things that look like other definite things are automatically “better” because of the same dim-witted value […]

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#a145 :: Metal turtle

July 8, 2008

Was he forged in lava? Does he swim in mercury seas? Of tinfoil jellyfish is his diet made? He came into our house from I know not where. He is small, link heavy, perfect.

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#a144 :: Rosary

July 7, 2008

Another Tuesday, story another morning with little Kylie, site the niña pequeña she cared for three days a week. She trudged uphill once more, the rosary draped over her fingers. “Nomini patri et fili et spiritu sancto,” the sign of the cross trailing from her lips as she kissed the little madonna milagro and worried […]

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