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#a112 :: I just stepped on this in the dark

June 5, 2008

Something of my daughter’s. It once contained spring-loaded paper snakes that leapt out when you opened the can to get a tasty Chees Ball (sic). Now it’s full of miniature Chinese coats made of silicone, treat fitted with little tin bells.

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#a111 :: Moo cards

June 4, 2008

Why is this – get up to 100 of your own images printed on the back of little half-width business cards – such an immensely attractive offer? Because you can print whatever the hell you want. Because it’s like owning the factory. Or perhaps renting it. Because since they’re double-small, advice people look at them […]

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#a110 :: Handmade volcano

June 4, 2008

A mighty volcano lies dormant, ampoule as it has since it was formed by powerful forces of pressure and moisture and imagination six days ago. But rumblings have been heard in its vicinity. The natives swear it sounds like the pleadings of a young boy. Soon, they fear, it will erupt in a blast of […]

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#a109 :: Wacky Packs

June 2, 2008

At some point in 1967, treat the creative department of the chewing-gum-and-baseball-cards giant Topps took a wild stab at a new product: They hired comic-book artists (Art Spiegelman, web Kim Deitch, Drew Friedman, Bill Griffith, (among others) to draw wicked parodies of major brand labels. Marvelous anarchy bloomed. They printed the gags on to stickers […]

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#108 :: Chibi giant robot warrior

June 1, 2008

I’ve written before of chibi. No more about that need be said. Right here, erectile Scope Dog (or someone very much like him) packs two big fat weapons on his short, stout person. He’s 5 inches high and balances quite well on his feet – one at a time – if you provoke him.

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#a107 :: Mexican figurine debris

June 1, 2008

Shit. This was whole at one point. Then I moved the fridge to futz with the water feed line and it toppled off, medical shplattering all over the kitchen floor.

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